Sunday, March 2, 2008

Welcome to Capture Comics!

Hi, everybody, Sean Koury here. I am the creator of the comic character, Bounty Hunter and the world BH inhabits. Welcome to Capture Comics on the 'net. I'm hoping to have an Official website up for my first venture into the world of self-publishing, Bounty Hunter ©, sometime closer to the actual release date of #0. Whenever that may be. I will let you know that I hope it will be sometime during Summer 2008. In the meantime, I will post updates about the series and any other thing about the series I can think of here. That will include photos, cover scans, team-up news, etc and etc.

Anyone stumbling across this blogsite by pure happenstance might be wondering what Bounty Hunter is about. Well, the storyline itself is Ultra Top Secret (shhhhh) at the moment, but in general....just think "Dungeons and Dragons meets the real world. With super-heroes." The series itself is planned to be the #0 issue, followed by a 6 issue limited series. After that I plan to switch over to novel format for a trilogy of stories, with maybe a one-shot comic here and there. I also want to expand out into audio dramas at some point, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

As for actual work on the #0 issue? Well after the setback of my first artist moving out of town and taking the artwork with him, I've had to start over. Luckily, it only took me one day to find a replacement. I don't know if that's some kind of record on the indie business, but I'm counting myself lucky. The artist I signed is named Gustavo Magalhaes and he is a 19 year old currently residing in Brazil. I will post one of his character sketches from Bounty Hunter below.

And for all the people (all 2 of you lol) out there wondering if Bounty Hunter will be turning up in Dave Ryan's War of the Independents, all I can say is STAY TUNED. Alright, the truth is, I have no idea. You'll all be the first to know (after me). Dave's a busy guy. :)

In the meantime, take a gander at some of the fine stuff being put out by the guys I have linked. The Wraith, Axiom-Man, and Bluewing all have some pretty well put together storylines for you to enjoy, in both comic book and novel formats. So head on over to their sites and plunk down some cash. You won't be disappointed.

I'll try to get some more pics up soon. Gus is busy working on a number of different things for me right now. Yeah, I'm running the poor guy ragged.

And thanks to Chris Jones at Blackwood Studio for the nifty Bounty Hunter logo above. It's the title logo for the comic itself. If you'd like Chris to do some graphic designs for you, Click Here to e-mail him.


Anonymous said...

I a looking forward to reading 'Bounty Hunter'. Hurry the hell up!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading 'Bounty Hunter'. Hurry the hell up!

Sean Koury said...

Is that you, Mr. Jones?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sean,
This looks very promising! Love the mixture of genres that you are incorporating, hurry up and get this stuff done up!!

Sean Koury said...

Hopefully by this summer sometime.

Anonymous said...

that's so cool, man
it's really cool to see you doing this! I'm hooked.

Josh - couldn't figure out the nickname thing and didn't want to open google account! LOL

Anonymous said...

It is about time you started to write you have a wonderful creative mind.and I think you will develope into a great storie writer,so get on with it!!we want to see more !
ML (suzanne)