Thursday, January 22, 2009

Upcoming Projects (and the finished cover artwork for Fox Hunt).

Well, here it is, the finished artwork for the Capture Comics cover for Fox Hunt: Tales of Gratuitous Team-Ups. Scott tells me Marc is working on the Rabid/Transmooky Press version right now, so hopefully I'll be posting that soon. In the meantime, enjoy Jim Rodger's fantastic piece.

Now here's what I'm working on at the moment.

Bounty Hunter/Celtic Shaman/Rabid Fox Hunt: Tales of Gratuitous Team-Ups #1

Darren Walters: Bounty Hunter: The Superhero Killings novella

Bounty Hunter #0

And a 10-page short Bounty Hunter comic story that will hopefully be showing up in Planet Lovecraft.

Please note that Bounty Hunter #0 is being reworked. The plan right now is to just publish the 8-10 page back-up origin story, which is also the War of the Independents tie-in, as the the Zero issue. I may also include the 8 page Fusion story by Chris Jones as well. The main part of the issue is now going to be #1 of the series. I just find that the story works better this way. So #0 will be coming your way sooner then planned. Still not sure exactly when, but sooner.

And just so you know, Columbia Comics Golden Age character, The Skyman, and Chris's Fusion, will both be appearing in Fox Hunt. YAY!

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Marcus said...


I've got quite a few extras of reprints and first editions that I'd gladly trade... but mostly of the later Famous Forty Oz books (Thompson, Snow, etc.).

Email me if you're interested and have anything to trade. And I mean ANYthing. I'm not picky! :)