Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bounty Hunter Prologue: The Bounty is Up.

Here it is, a day late. Enjoy. Send any comments to

Get ready for the Zero issue!!!


Anonymous said...

hey sean! i like the 5 page preview! the art is good and the storytelling is on point. art is just a matter of opinion so the details can always get better. but the proportions are there and the panels move good together. as for the plot and writing. it's good in my book. of corpse 5 pages only give the very first peek of more to come so i'm interested in seeing where things go. from just the characters design, i think he looks really neo-modern almost futuristic so i'm not sure if the story is going that way but i can imagine him tracking down like aliens from far off places hiding as humans on earth or something kinda like men in black but with less x-files and more shoot em' up punisher stuff! ok thats my thought for now. keep up the good work. i know you're just getting started!

Sean Koury said...

Hey Buz. thanks for the comments. (for those not in the know, Buz is the artist on the Living Corpse series. Check it out!)

I will touch on aliens, yes. MiB type stuff, also a yes. :) But that stuff will be mostly left up to the tender mercies of the Fortune and Glory Kid. (More on him at another date ;))

But mostly BH is around to track down creatures like the Living Corpse. lol You'll see what I mean when the book comes out.

Again, glad you liked it.

Frank Dirscherl said...

All looks great to me, Sean. If you and your team are already this good at your first time out, I can only imagine how much better you'll get with time. Scary but good LOL

Anonymous said...

Sean wow looks good! more more Please can not wait good job!I think and I know you will be fantastic , you are a great story writer .
Suzanne (ML)

Anonymous said...

hi! i noticed you on a banner ad on johnny saturn? i'm not really sure, i read a lot of webcomics (a bit of an addiction, really).
anyway, i just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that i'll be keeping an eye on you...
i can't wait to see where you take this!

keep up the good work!